A gal who can sing and play multiple instruments, loves to make everyone smile with inspirational and bittersweet melodies...and has written piano solos here and there.
Listen to my first recorded demo piano solo, "Discovery"
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Manufacturing time! EP is in its last stages! 

Hello everyone! I'm sorry for falling behind in my updates here! I promise I'll send more updates with my email list! Please join my emailing list if you haven't done so now!


I'm at the last stages now, physical CD portion now!  After this stage, which is probably by the end of this month...it's time for me to release it real soon now!  I'm hoping the release will be August 21st because everything takes time, and I just need a bit more time before I unleash my album to the world!

I'm setting up a crowdfunding page too, because I need your help!  It's a difficult time for me to do everything that I need, and I hope you can lend me a hand!

More details out soon, I'm just currently in the process of setting it up!

Otherwise, enjoy your Tuesday everyone!  I'm excited that my birthday is coming up this Friday! So that will be something.  I won't be doing much.  I'll definitely have ice cream!


Yesterday was a very very very intense day of recording at the studio!

What was unexpected was recording that we are going to have TWO piano solos of mine on the EP!

I can't wait until it's all done and have you all hear my very first creations of my songs when I very first started songwriting and composing, which was 5 years ago!

To keep things rolling for all you friends and fans who support me, I want you to know that I have to start now to spread the love and support you have for me! I am an artist who writes positive inspirational songs and one of my wristbands now contain some lyrics from my EP! Head to my storefront tomorrow morning and order!  I can't wait for you all to have a little piece of me with you!  

Now, it's time for me to get everything else together! Hello photographers/videoographers, and finalizing the details of my EP very soon!

This is a pic of moi with my producer and his assistant!


Many projects - dividing time - praying hard - US travels 

Hello everyone!

Just a few updates!

I'm still working on that video that I'm compiling together, but it's on a pause right now because I'm concentrating on my health and my EP!

Next steps for my EP...session violinist, and session drummer going into the studio with me in the next while.  Then come my vocals!  It's almost happening.  I still have to battle my seasonal allergies.  Pray HARD that I'll battle them ASAP!

There's a show tomorrow night, with Monica Graham, and it will be my last live show for awhile. Hope you can make it. more info in Events page.

Working on my Nexus application and possibly a US work visa so I can actually perform there next year.  I didn't think I'd do all this in my life...wasn't a dream at first, but it is now my reality.  Good luck to me!

At the same time, taking care of my place...oh the repairs...and the time....and work work.

That's my updates!  Please remember, to take care of yourselves, live your dreams, embrace every single moment.  

Btw...I'm getting ready for Halloween.  Don't have much planned...but I must dress up that day.  What will you be?


Dear friends and fans! 

I hope you are all doing well, and I can't wait to share with you the new music video project that I'm putting together!

I already shared this on Twitter already, but I want your video submission!  Write down ONE THING that you're are finally doing, that you had been thinking of doing for the longest time....and that thought just finally grew SO BIG, that you can't just do NOTHING about it?  Something you wanted to get over, so badly, that you're finally DOING it?  Something you are working on, and you're still working on it, and showing the world what you are made of?

Write it down, on a blank piece of paper (normal 8-1/2" x 11"), using a black marker, and hold it for 10 seconds.  Submit that video to me.  Go to my Contacts page, you'll find my email address there!

I once thought that I'm not capable yet to put a video like this up.  Who am I kidding?  =)

Looking forward for your submissions!  There isn't a deadline yet because I'm trying to gather submissions, and my song is still currently in recording!  But don't let that delay you from submitting!  I want to start putting it together!

We are all living this one life.  Let's have some fun!

Pre-NYC trip! Just got over a bunch of stuff 

Hello everyone and I apologize for the MIA.  I finally got over my bad bad seasonal allergies, along with alot of stress work from my place and my workplace.  Now, it's finally calmed down a bit and it's time to get back into the music business!

I have contacted my producer and see when I can get back into the studio and finish my EP once and for all finally!  I want to get it out to the world faster, but things take process so hold your horses and I hold mine!  

I can't wait to do more FB live/Periscope/Concert Window shows so that I can contact all of you friends and fans that's geographically far away from me!  Exciting times!

I hope you are all doing well and enjoy the sun here and there !  Maybe send some over? Toronto is lacking sun!

Sending you all some love from me and my instruments!




Happy post-New Year and an online show coming up! 


The new year has been a crazy and busy ride thus far, and I hope you're all living your life the way you want it! 

I apologize for not being more on top of my blogging, but I'm definitely going to keep up now!

I've been doing my monthly online shows, and it's been a blast!  I just did a solo one last month, and I'll do it again for the next few months!  The next one is on Easter Monday! More info below in my poster. I would love to see you tune in!  All the shows I do online, is going to help me fundraise for my EP/guitar too!

My online store is now LIVE!  I've been doing a few things backwards.  I'm about to head back into the recording studio after a few more things calm down on my end of things, and I will go in full-steam ahead in completing it!  For now, I'm going to put up a few things to sell, to help me fundraise for this FIRST EVER EP of mine, and also as a fundraiser for a guitar that I want to purchase from my most favourite and inspirational artist ever, My Silent Bravery!  

He knows I'm aiming to purchase his guitar...but there is a pricetag of course.....if you want to help this aspiring artist and a big fan... fulfill her dream in meeting him in person (Boston/NYC), and have heart inspired and loved with his guitar to be her possession in time, I welcome you to do what you can to help her make this happen!

You can check out more of his music here:  www.mysilentbravery.com

Also, I'm now less than 40 days until I hit the West Coast of Canada and the US! I'm going back to visit family in mid-May!  Sunshine coast of Vancouver, is where I'm from, so after visiting my old stomping grounds, I'm going to head down to Portland, OR, for a couple of days, first time ever, and visit a couple of friends that I met at a music conference last year, and then going down even more south, to LA!  I'll be doing a couple of photoshoots in the meantime in those cities.  Exciting times, and lots to do!

ONE LAST UPDATE: I'll have some wearable accessories available to purchase in my estore soon!  I do whatever I can to help spread positivity and joy around us, in addition to the music I write and perform!

I will be more diligent with my updates and meanderings, but for now, have an amazing start to the new month of April, and you'll hear from me again real soon!

Remember, love yourself, love others, and smile.



Next gig in Markham, Ontario! 

Hello everyone!

I apologize for missing in action for quite a bit of time!  I've been going through a lot of changes and transitions, and now I'm just getting back on track!

Next Friday, the 23rd, I'll be performing at East Side Mario's Restaurant in Markville, filling in for a friend who can't perform there that night!

The music starts at 7pm, and I'll be performing till 10pm!  This is my first time doing so many sets that night, and I have a bunch of new songs to perform for you!

I'll be contacting my producer soon to continue my recordings of my EP!  I hope to see you there at the restaurant!  If you show up, I'll give you a shoutout. =)  Italian food?  yummy food and drinks? with live music? on multiple instruments? If I were you, I'd be there! =)


My post bday words and new cover video! 

What can I ask for? friends, and new friends, some made it to my show last night, some couldn't.  I had fun, and I was bought drinks and even a dessert. It was amazing, and then after performing my own set, Thunderfunk, a funk trio band, performed after me and closed the night.  They are amazing, and i am grateful to continue watching them perform....let alone for them to be on the same bill as me!  

Thank you Amsterdam Bicycle Club for nurturing this artist in her performances, with your support, and your food! My first show was at this venue.  They continue to love me...I continue to love them. =)  

Here's the pic of me with the band!    

Also, after the gig, I got home...and I had some energy to film a cover on the uke....of one of the songs I performed.  It's called "Lost" by Paper Airplanes.  Enjoy!    

Now onto my next gig, for Saturday, July 9th, a benefit concert I put together to help support the organization, Musicians without Borders!  Hope to see you there!

Second of my multi-screen cover video is up! 

I hope you all enjoy this cover!  It's by this artist, Amber Rubarth, "Rough Cut". Kinda figured that since I was still a bit sick-ish at the time, to do something musical, that didn't require too much practicing of my singing.  Enjoy!


New Cover - first time with multiscreens and etc! 

    Hi everyone! Enjoy my newest cover!  It's my first time doing it this way, and there's a lot I can improve on in terms of syncing and audio...but enjoy!  I hope you like it!

    I was also getting over a cold....boy was it fun trying to play music again! I was down for a month.  Have fun with the video!




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