Happy post-New Year and an online show coming up!


The new year has been a crazy and busy ride thus far, and I hope you're all living your life the way you want it! 

I apologize for not being more on top of my blogging, but I'm definitely going to keep up now!

I've been doing my monthly online shows, and it's been a blast!  I just did a solo one last month, and I'll do it again for the next few months!  The next one is on Easter Monday! More info below in my poster. I would love to see you tune in!  All the shows I do online, is going to help me fundraise for my EP/guitar too!

My online store is now LIVE!  I've been doing a few things backwards.  I'm about to head back into the recording studio after a few more things calm down on my end of things, and I will go in full-steam ahead in completing it!  For now, I'm going to put up a few things to sell, to help me fundraise for this FIRST EVER EP of mine, and also as a fundraiser for a guitar that I want to purchase from my most favourite and inspirational artist ever, My Silent Bravery!  

He knows I'm aiming to purchase his guitar...but there is a pricetag of course.....if you want to help this aspiring artist and a big fan... fulfill her dream in meeting him in person (Boston/NYC), and have heart inspired and loved with his guitar to be her possession in time, I welcome you to do what you can to help her make this happen!

You can check out more of his music here:  www.mysilentbravery.com

Also, I'm now less than 40 days until I hit the West Coast of Canada and the US! I'm going back to visit family in mid-May!  Sunshine coast of Vancouver, is where I'm from, so after visiting my old stomping grounds, I'm going to head down to Portland, OR, for a couple of days, first time ever, and visit a couple of friends that I met at a music conference last year, and then going down even more south, to LA!  I'll be doing a couple of photoshoots in the meantime in those cities.  Exciting times, and lots to do!

ONE LAST UPDATE: I'll have some wearable accessories available to purchase in my estore soon!  I do whatever I can to help spread positivity and joy around us, in addition to the music I write and perform!

I will be more diligent with my updates and meanderings, but for now, have an amazing start to the new month of April, and you'll hear from me again real soon!

Remember, love yourself, love others, and smile.



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