My post bday words and new cover video!

What can I ask for? friends, and new friends, some made it to my show last night, some couldn't.  I had fun, and I was bought drinks and even a dessert. It was amazing, and then after performing my own set, Thunderfunk, a funk trio band, performed after me and closed the night.  They are amazing, and i am grateful to continue watching them perform....let alone for them to be on the same bill as me!  

Thank you Amsterdam Bicycle Club for nurturing this artist in her performances, with your support, and your food! My first show was at this venue.  They continue to love me...I continue to love them. =)  

Here's the pic of me with the band!    

Also, after the gig, I got home...and I had some energy to film a cover on the uke....of one of the songs I performed.  It's called "Lost" by Paper Airplanes.  Enjoy!    

Now onto my next gig, for Saturday, July 9th, a benefit concert I put together to help support the organization, Musicians without Borders!  Hope to see you there!

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