Today marks an inspirational day!

Thanks to everyone who made it to my show at Musideum last Tuesday!  I'll put up the pics soon enough!

Thanks for reading here too! Here's a snipit of my day so far....

I posted and tagged on Facebook the artists that I have been in contact with, the touring artists with large fanbases......and shared how much they are an inspiration to me, etc etc.  What was beautiful is that one answered back!  I love this thing called internet that can bring people together!

We haven't met, but we are looking forward to meet each other and say hi!  That's amazing.  I love his music and his presence.  I think I'll cover one of his songs soon enough.  I'm going to create such a buzz..hopefully with other Canadians...and maybe help bring his presence to Toronto...I would LOVE to catch his gig!  His band is called "My Silent Bravery".  There.  I started it.

I have lots to do musically, and working on my EP....but of course it's the Holidays, so musically I'll be slowing down for a bit, but things will start kicking up in the New Year!  I'm going to meet up with my "young EP peeps" team this weekend...consisting of 2 ppl.  I should really give a name for them.....any ideas? I'd love to hear!

For now, have a great time off everyone, and Happy Holidays!

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