May 2018 - Here is my newest cover, with the Yamaha Silent Guitar that was graciously provided by Yamaha Canada.  "Don't Say Goodbye" - Aaron Carter.

2016 - Sorry for the bad audio..I just quickly filmed it in the middle of the night last night.  I just came back from my birthday show.  It was fun!  Enjoy, this is moi on the ukulele, "Lost" by Paper Airplanes, a group from the UK. 

Here's my newest cover...."Can't Be Friends" by Nick Howard.  It's my first time with the multi-video editing...I ran into some editing problems and I think I know why...too many separate audio tracks I was working with.  I should laid down the audio first then sync the videos...Hard lesson learned!  Please enjoy my first attempt!  I still was beating this please keep that in mind.  I am in no way a professional bass player or drummer...but I thought it would be fun to play on them anyway! bye for now!